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An Important Impulse to Find ...

Oh, it is such an important impulse to find in your Self, in your heart, in your mind, even if it is only a slither, a crack, a homeopathic dose: optimism.

Look at it this way. What is pessimism predicated on? The unlikely possibility that anything good will come of … it? Life? The assumption that if we expect the worst we might just be pleasantly and totally unexpectedly surprised?

Ah hah! You see! You do want that! And you will be disappointed if you don’t get it anyway, whether you told yourself not to expect it or not! So… you might as well fling your arms wide and embrace the all-unknowable expanse of the future and be at least realistic if not optimistic: there are bound to be at least some good things aren’t there? We have roses, don’t we?

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