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Are you interested in becoming a Time To Think Facilitator? Once you complete the Foundation Course, this is your next step.

The Facilitator Course is a three day qualifying course that teaches you how to professionally present eight of the applications of a Thinking Environment  explored on the Foundation Course.

The Facilitator Course classroom days are followed by the Facilitator Practicum Programme: an extensive supervised practicum during which students present to two different groups 7 applications of the Thinking Environment.

In addition to enabling practice of presenting the applications, the submission of an essay on the Ten Components is required.

Facilitators are accredited as a Time to Think Facilitator when they pass the Practicum and agree to membership in their local Thinking Environment Collegiate.


Are you interested in becoming a Time To Think Coach? After you complete the Thinking Partnership Course, this is your next step.

The Coaching Course is a four-day course (2 consecutive + 3-6 week break + 2 consecutive) in which participants can deepen their understanding and use of the Thinking Session, and refine their practice so as to apply The Thinking Session as a coaching approach.

In addition to deepening of learning and skillful use of The Thinking Session, participants will also explore:

  • The Two Worlds of Thinking: Exchange and Fully Independent

  • The spectrum of coaching interventions & their impact on the client’s independent thinking

  • Dialogue in a Thinking Environment as a coaching tool

  • Diversity, and its impact on the coach-client relationship

  • Departure from the Thinking Session whilst sustaining The Thinking Environment

The Coaching Course classroom days are followed by the Coach Practicum Programme: an extensive supervised practicum enabling delivery of Thinking Sessions to clients. Supervision is assisted by reflective notes.

A piece of reflective writing is required on the student’s consideration of these conjoined questions:


What do you think makes the Thinking Session a genuine and valid coaching approach, and what aspects of the session do would you want to explain to your clients so that they can access its value as fully as possible?

Coaches are accredited as a Time to Think Coach when they pass the Practicum and agree to membership in their local Thinking Environment Collegiate.



Further to accreditation as both a Time To Think Coach and a Time To Think Facilitator, practitioners wishing to become accredited as Consultants, can enter the Thinking Partnership Teacher Programme (TPTP) and The Consultant Programme (TCP).

This combination programme entails a further 4 classroom days and Practicum encompassing, in the following order:

  • Running (pro bono) the first two days of the Thinking Partnership course with a group of not more than 4 participants;

  • Following Day 3 of the TPTP, running, with the same group, Day 3 of the Thinking Partnership Course, under supervision.

At this stage, participants will gather for the fourth day – The Consultant Programme day, where we will engage with two further applications of the Thinking Environment: The Diversity Programme, and The Mentorship Programme.

Thereafter, participants will deliver 3 further days of Practicum, 1 day for Diversity, and 2 days for Mentoring, also under supervision.

Upon successful completion of these Practicum sessions, the participants will be recommended for accreditation as Consultants.

Thinking Environment Consultants are qualified to deliver the following courses and applications of the Thinking Environment:


In certain situations, a person may wish to learn to teach the Thinking Partnership Course, without qualifying as a Time to Think CoachFacilitator or Consultant

In this event, a bespoke 11 day programme has been designed to cover the following:

If you are interested in this course, please email us and we will be in touch with possible dates.

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Time to Think Facilitators and Coaches become accredited when they pass the Practicum and agree to membership in their local Thinking Environment Collegiate which carries an annual fee of R1200.

The Thinking Environment Collegiate is a professional community of practice that enables practitioners to remain current and masterful in delivering the finest Thinking Environment expertise.

The Thinking Environment is a “live” and continuously developing body of work.

Collegiate membership entitles members to attend the quarterly Collegiate sessions which support ongoing learning and refinement of practice; access to the .pdfs of all manuals relevant to the qualification achieved, and an invitation to the yearly Collegiate day with Nancy Kline (which carries an additional fee).

The Collegiate fee also entitles the Facilitator or Coach to representation on the Global Time To Think website with a link to their own company website, if applicable.

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