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BraveHeart is an international leadership development and coaching company, specialising in The Thinking Environment®, a process that generates the best independent thinking from people. At BraveHeart, we embolden people to think for themselves and we teach them how to help others to think: independently, creatively and with courage.

Through our courses people learn how to create Thinking Environments in their organisations, their teams and their lives. We also provide accreditation programmes for coaches, facilitators, Thinking Partnership teachers and consultants.

We work with individuals, companies, universities, schools, human resource organisations, coaching organisations, government departments, NPOs, voluntary organisations and social innovators.


How to create thinking environments in our organizations, our teams and our lives.


The Thinking Partnership
The Foundation Course

Underwater Dive
Meditation by the Sea


Time to Think Facilitator

Time to Think Coach

The Consultant Programme

The Thinking Partnership Teacher Programme

Courage Expert Accreditation


Leadership for a Thinking Environment

Time to Think Mentoring

Time to Think Council

Transforming Meetings

Time to Think Presentations

Time to Think Diversity Programme

Team Talk


What People Are Saying

It’s amazing how I left feeling connected and friends with each one of you.
It’s a good reminder on the power of listening, sharing, and being vulnerable.
Thank you for the transformational few days spent together.
Memories I will always cherish.

Amy Wolland

I personally found the workshop transformation. Trisha created an incredible learning environment, her knowledge is wide and deep! She embodies a Thinking Environment. I know that I will be a better person for having attended the 2 days and I am looking forward to learning more.

Julia Makhubela

It was indeed a transformational 2 days. Walked into the office with ease this morning despite a long to do list!

Words are not enough to explain the transformational effect I experienced from attending the two days of Time to Think. Trisha delivered the training with so much ease, reminding all of us to tap into the gift of thinking for ourselves which we are all born with. I now know that the best gift that I can give myself is to create a thinking environment for myself. The training is the best investment I have made to myself this year.

Keamogetse Molefhe

The foundation course was beautifully facilitated by Trisha, it was just the right balance between practice and content delivery.  I found the practice sessions very valuable as it allowed the participants to experience what it’s like to be in a thinking environment.  I was surprised at the impact of generative listening.  It’s an experience that I will be able to access every time when I need to provide my full attention to others.

Karl Fuchs

On a serious note thank you everyone for giving me hope in such tough times. You restore my faith in humanity and how we can look forward to connecting and learning and growing while enjoying the process.

Many thanks to the creator and facilitator Trisha.

Lauren Immerman

It was an AMAZING course. Trisha is absolutely amazing at her job and I am ever so grateful for the wisdom she passed on. I cannot tell you how much it has changed my like. I am so conscious of thinking and listening and have started practicing it every day. What an amazing journey, sharing my story and being heard.

Wow wow wow wow wow!

Yongie Ntene


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