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Being a Facilitator of

Thinking Environments

In my experience, nothing has transformed being at the front of the room, with the responsibility of holding space for a group of people to accomplish any outcome, in the way that becoming a Thinking Environment Facilitator has done. 

One of the most compelling aspects of being a Thinking Environment Facilitator is that we are also teachers as well. 

This means that we are navigating two roles at once: that of being a Thinking Environment so that our participants are experiencing the liberation that occurs in their thinking through the deepening of connection and relationship that they have with one another, whilst at the same time we are having to accurately convey the finely nuanced distinctions of the Ten Components and Four Building Blocks so that our clients are equipped to continue to create thinking environments with one another after we have left the room. 

This is skillful artistry.

Dates: 11th July

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