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Teaching Being whilst Teaching Skill

Being a Thinking Partnership Teacher

For me, being a Thinking Partnership Teacher is the pinnacle of our work. 

In the Thinking Partnership we are literally enabling the re-writing of our participants’ narratives. 

We are creating an environment in which minds are liberated, courage is cultivated, confidence in one’s own independence as a thinker is restored. 

To be a teacher of the Thinking Partnership we have agreed to use our own lives as the material for our professional delivery, knowing – as we do – that “they are learning us”. 

In recent years the body of knowledge that sits inside this programme has burgeoned exponentially.  When I was qualified we had 8 “further outcomes”, now we have 15! 

We are on the brink of articulating new “assumption” questions that build on our understanding of the pathways to liberate breakthroughs in thinking, feeling and being. 

So whilst we need to know all this, we also need to be completely at ease!

Dates: 5th & 12th July

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