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The Implications of Teaching “Being” in Our Work

Trisha Lord has been a member of the Global Faculty of Thinking Environment teachers since 2006. 


Even before discovering Nancy Kline and the Thinking Environment, Trisha’s work as a Consultant, Facilitator and Coach was centred around the enquiry of being human, and what it takes for us to navigate the being of being human. 


It is this very aspect of the ontological nature of practicing as a Thinking Environment professional, together with the finely nuanced distinctions that enable mastery of delivering the applications of Coaching, Facilitation and Teaching, that most fascinate Trisha and drive her passion for the work.


In July and August 2022, Trisha will be in the United Kingdom and will be hosting a series of one day sessions designed to explore and expand our thinking on the discipline of delivering professional services that require ongoing deeply personal inner work. 

Through sharing our stories with one another, we will also get deliciously geeky about the art of balancing precision and expertise whilst enabling the ”frightening freedom of breaking from the herd”!


Places are limited to 6 people per session.  We begin at 09h30 and end at 16h00. 

Attend one event £300.00, attend two events £250.00 each = £500.00, attend all three events £200 each = £600.00. 


For partial bursary negotiated rates please do not hesitate to contact me.

Being a Thinking Environment

How do we draw on the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment to truly liberate ourselves from the pressure to do coaching? 

How do we liberate our clients to trust their own intelligence through the quality of our connection with them? 

How can we ask the innate questions that a human mind navigates when it is breaking through historically imposed limitations in such a way that the person who hears those questions discovers who they truly are: free from the strictures imposed on them by their past experiences or the expectations they have unwittingly agreed to at the cost of their authentic self-expression? 

And how do we accomplish these remarkable outcomes whilst continuing to balance the expertise of what we already know with the flourishing of new discoveries that add to the findings with  astonishing and  abundant frequency?

Dates: 6th July & 11th August

Being a Facilitator of
Thinking Environments

In my experience, nothing has transformed being at the front of the room, with the responsibility of holding space for a group of people to accomplish any outcome, in the way that becoming a Thinking Environment Facilitator has done. 

One of the most compelling aspects of being a Thinking Environment Facilitator is that we are also teachers as well. 

This means that we are navigating two roles at once: that of being a Thinking Environment so that our participants are experiencing the liberation that occurs in their thinking through the deepening of connection and relationship that they have with one another, whilst at the same time we are having to accurately convey the finely nuanced distinctions of the Ten Components and Four Building Blocks so that our clients are equipped to continue to create thinking environments with one another after we have left the room. 

This is skillful artistry.

Dates: 11th July

Teaching Being whilst Teaching Skill
Being a Thinking Partnership Teacher

For me, being a Thinking Partnership Teacher is the pinnacle of our work. 

In the Thinking Partnership we are literally enabling the re-writing of our participants’ narratives. 

We are creating an environment in which minds are liberated, courage is cultivated, confidence in one’s own independence as a thinker is restored. 

To be a teacher of the Thinking Partnership we have agreed to use our own lives as the material for our professional delivery, knowing – as we do – that “they are learning us”. 

In recent years the body of knowledge that sits inside this programme has burgeoned exponentially.  When I was qualified we had 8 “further outcomes”, now we have 15! 

We are on the brink of articulating new “assumption” questions that build on our understanding of the pathways to liberate breakthroughs in thinking, feeling and being. 

So whilst we need to know all this, we also need to be completely at ease!

Dates: 5th & 12th July

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