The Consultant Programme

Further to accreditation as both a Time To Think Coach and a Time To Think Facilitator, practitioners wishing to become accredited as Consultants, can enter the Thinking Partnership Teacher Programme (TPTP) and The Consultant Programme (TCP).

This combination programme entails a further 4 classroom days and Practicum encompassing, in the following order:

  • Running (pro bono) the first two days of the Thinking Partnership course with a group of not more than 4 participants;
  • Following Day 3 of the TPTP, running, with the same group, Day 3 of the Thinking Partnership Course, under supervision.

At this stage, participants will gather for the fourth day – The Consultant
Programme day, where we will engage with two further applications of the
Thinking Environment: The Diversity Programme, and The Mentorship Programme.

Thereafter, participants will deliver 3 further days of Practicum, 1 day for
Diversity, and 2 days for Mentoring, also under supervision.

Upon successful completion of these Practicum sessions, the participants will be recommended for accreditation as Consultants.

Thinking Environment Consultants are qualified to deliver the following courses and applications of the Thinking Environment: