Time to Think Coach

Are you interested in becoming a Time To Think Coach? After you complete the Thinking Partnership Course, this is your next step.

The Coaching Course is a four-day course (2 consecutive + 3-6 week break + 2 consecutive) in which participants can deepen their understanding and use of the Thinking Session, and refine their practice so as to apply The Thinking Session as a coaching approach.

In addition to deepening of learning and skillful use of The Thinking Session, participants will also explore:

  • The Two Worlds of Thinking: Exchange and Fully Independent
  • The spectrum of coaching interventions & their impact on the client’s independent thinking
  • Dialogue in a Thinking Environment as a coaching tool
  • Diversity, and its impact on the coach-client relationship
  • Departure from the Thinking Session whilst sustaining The Thinking Environment

The Coaching Course classroom days are followed by the Coach Practicum Programme: an extensive supervised practicum enabling delivery of Thinking Sessions to clients. Supervision is assisted by reflective notes and recordings.

Two essays are required – one on the different pathways the Thinking Session can follow, and one comparative essay exploring the similarities and differences between The Thinking Session as a coaching approach and one other coaching model.

Coaches are accredited as a Time to Think Coach when they pass the Practicum and agree to membership in their local Thinking Environment Collegiate.

Trisha is scheduled to run the Time to Think Coaching Programme in Cape Town and Johannesburg on the following dates:

Cape Town
29, 30 October & 26, 27 November 2018

12, 13 November & 4, 5 December 2018

Sign up here to book your place.