Your Courageous Life

Despite their best intentions, parents are often responsible for eroding the confidence of their children to think for themselves. In an effort to safeguard their children from mistakes, parents focus on instructing, lecturing and controlling their children instead of encouraging them to think for themselves.

Add to this the failure of most educational systems and structures to truly champion the fully independent thinking of students, in favour of “right answers” and conformity, and it is not surprising that many of us have lost faith in our ability to generate our own best ideas to create the lives that we want.

Thinking Partners are people who are able to offer a quality of attention that ignites courageous thinking.  Attention of this nature is catalytic – it enables the human mind to reclaim its ability for independence, for flair, for insight and creativity.

A Thinking Session is a time in which a person can think for themselves, fully, with confidence and grace. During Thinking Sessions, the trajectory of fully independent thinking is fuelled so that a person can move beyond internalised limiting assumptions to generate new ideas and solutions, thereby releasing their innate capacity for courage and growth.

If you would like to book a Thinking Session with Trisha, please email us and we will be in touch to schedule a suitable time.

Trisha Lord

Trisha Lord
Over many years working in the field of developing human potential, Trisha has noted that much of what we consider “helpful” in the helping professions can, in fact, impose serious limitations on a client’s courage to think for themselves. Perhaps unwittingly, coaches and consultants often end up cast in the role of saviour………caught in a co-conspiracy with clients that fosters dependency – an externalising vs. internalising of expertise.

Having spent the last 13 years of a 30-year career, specialising in the work of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment™, Trisha has proven repeatedly to both herself and her clients, that nothing an external facilitator or coach can do replaces, for its power and validity, this extraordinary structure in which clients can think for themselves, thereby generating genuine solutions with inherent longevity and efficacy.