Learning about Courage

The ultimate outcome we want for our clients is to live fearlessly and creatively in the face of profound uncertainty.

Our research shows that our clients consistently benefit from:

  • more accurate and creative decision-making that has consensus
  • more authentic and accurate relationships (a clearer understanding of what matters to people, and an ability to meet needs more effectively)
  • new possibilities and clear plans for achieving them, achieved through courageous thinking that breaks through limiting assumptions
  • greater efficiency, by facing what needs to be faced and breaking free of denial
  • meetings that are more enjoyable, that invite and ensure full participation from everyone, and that achieve their objectives within the allocated time
  • an ability to listen and to identify what gets in the way of listening effectively
  • the means to give accurate and fearless feedback that can be received and acted on
  • improved conflict resolution, which harnesses creativity and builds stronger relationships for the future.

“BraveHeart’s contribution to the ongoing development of our Senior Management team cannot be underestimated. Every interaction to date has been handled with consummate professionalism. Reluctant participants have been won over by the results achieved so far.”

Human Capital/Healthcare executive, engineering company

“BraveHeart are seasoned professionals. They provided strategic support and expertise during a change process in my department. I am now able to get my team to achieve high-performance results, problem solving, identify business improvement opportunities and manage conflict better. My team has, since training, run productive meetings and made compelling presentations. I have grown as a professional through their impeccable skills as teachers and facilitators of the Time To Think programmes.”

Social Investment Manager, petrochemical industry

“I have been astonished by the way in which a Thinking Environment deepens respect and appreciation between people, frees individual thinking and transforms meetings. BraveHeart demonstrates the Thinking Environment very effectively. It was a rare privilege to become part of a group of individuals contributing our own thinking to a combined intelligence that was way beyond the sum of our contributions. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending their services for group work or individual coaching.”

Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health, Chief Specialist

“This has been a humanising experience for us as a Faculty, providing both reminders and tools for living into our mission of humanising pedagogies to unleash the potential of the world, to think, to create, to be fully human.”

Executive Dean, University Faculty of Education