Time to Think Council

The Time To Think Council process teaches simple, dynamic steps to get the very best thinking, first from the presenter and then from the group.  It is a respectful, elegant way to progress one person’s issue through the wisdom and experience of each person in the group.

Thinking for yourself involves judicious seeking and sifting of the ideas and experience of other people. Most of the time people interrupt with their thoughts before we have even formed our own ideas clearly. Even when people do listen through the thorough development of our own ideas, they too often then offer their thinking as advice rather than as their knowledge and experience. They also too seldom respect our focus, veering instead onto tangential paths of their preference. The result is that the progression of our idea stagnates in the wake of poor skill and self-absorption on the part of the other person.

The Time to Think Council process is useful for anyone’s issue, challenge or question, and has been described as an excellent Knowledge Management tool.

Copyright 2010 by Nancy Kline

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