The Thinking Partnership

People can think for themselves. It is their natural birthright to do so. This innate ability can, and mostly is, intruded upon and eroded by parental and educational messaging: resulting in an internalised assumption – that we need others to help us in order to know what to do.

Learning to become a Thinking Partner is possibly the most helpful skill to cultivate. Having the courage to trust someone else’s intelligence for themselves is a profound gift of humanity and leadership.

In the 3-day Thinking Partnership course (2 consecutive days, with a third day a few weeks later, allowing for practice in between days 2 & 3),  participants learn to offer the quality of attention we call generative. When people are thinking for themselves and are on an “independent roll”, being listened to by someone who knows how to create a Thinking Environment for them, they can and will discover the full territory of their thinking. From there they can clarify their objectives, surface and remove untrue limiting assumptions that stand in their way, and generate new ideas and insights that free them to live life fully. The human mind is capable of all this, innately.

When, for whatever reason, this innate capacity becomes blocked, Thinking Partners have learned to recognise (a) where the thinker is now, and where they are needing to go next, and (b) what question(s) will enable them to get back onto a roll of their own independent thinking.

Trisha is scheduled to run The Thinking Partnership Course in Cape Town and Johannesburg on the following dates:

Cape Town
10, 11 & 16 October 2018

2018 course dates in Johannesburg have already taken place.
Please email us if you would like us to let you know when the next course is scheduled.

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